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posted Aug 25, 2010 19:24:53 by Whistler
Hey Ken,

Love the twitter page! How are you liking the course so far? Hit me up on (that goes for anyone eles!)
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the vacationer said Aug 28, 2010 18:24:12
yea! was able to sign in again using my yahoo email account. don't know where that vactioner came from and can't seem to get back to my profile with the avatar of the crop circle. (amazing crop circle) if you can see it.
whistle what twitter page are you talking about. I click on the twitter symbol and just go to my twitter signin page. Are you saying bill has a page? I don't see it.
nelson (medium newbee for 20 years ;-)aint made a dime yet ;-) instead of sulking I'm reframing this and thinking of it as a test in school that I have to pass of course when I went to school all we had was rotary phones and 3 tv stations and pbs.;-) will need to cheat a little ;-) oh yea also the tv went off at midnight ;-)
nelson (must be the early morning coffee)
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the vacationer said Aug 28, 2010 18:27:48
also when I started this online stuff when magnum said I would I first started with pagers and free yellow and ffa sites. No wonder I never made any money. I have watched this advertising stuff evolve and this seems to be the cream of the crop and I'm not about to fail this test)
oh and google did not even exist ;-)
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