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Might As Well Go First

posted Aug 25, 2010 00:46:17 by Whistler
Hello Everyone,

I am Whistler form outside of Boston. Just wanted to introduce myself and tell all that join to do the same. Look forward to learning with and from you all!

The course is great though the videos do not seem to be in the most logical order. But I think I have figured out the process and I am going to start implementing the system tonight on some domains that i have collecting dust.

Good luck to you all and as Matt Trainer says, "Its all about Massive Fing Action. (Bill too minus the Fing part)
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Nelson Lirette said Aug 25, 2010 06:08:46
Confused about the order too. Watched the welcome video on the introductory tab then downloaded the companion guide then watched the mind map then video A Never Fail Listbuilding Overview
then the 2nd A Working With the Master Sites
then B downloading the templetes (to my desktop folder-I think that should be ok but don't know much:).
then C Installing the Template Step-by-Step.

C is when it seems to go out of sequence because bill starts showing the hosting site (I guess) and saying things like remember what I said about different things in the hosting site back office.
So either it is out of sequence or I missed some videos. I looked at the tabs again and it seems you can either go down the list under the "never fail system" tab or click on the tab "never fail system"itself and get more videos.
I thought the sequence we were supposed to follow was the alphabetical list under the introduction tab.
I'm guessing now that is not the case and maybe we need to start on the main tab "never fail system" or start on the 1st tab in the drop down list under the never fail tab.
Please carify.
nelson (hello everyone)
enough for tonight )
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7figuresamonth said Aug 26, 2010 02:38:31
I had the same issue, but found after I had watched all of the videos that if you use the navigation bars on the header and not the long list of videos after the welcome (introduction) video it will flow better.

Allen Daniels
Allen Daniels
Fluke said Sep 16, 2010 02:37:05
Well, well, come I'm not surprised to see Allen Daniels in the house? Isn't strange how even names like "Never fail list building" attracts "Never Fail" people too. I decided to call myself "FLUKE" because everywhere I end up seems to be a FLUKE since I don't believe luck is anything but a FLUKE anyway.

You'll never believe what else I'm into now - or maybe you won't be too surprised either. TRIBES, MAKO Tribes! That's $2K piece of Chris Rempel Software that builds massive database directories but end up being authority sites with unique content if you have a Tribe working on their own piece of the pie. Click on the 150,000 reasons - Hmmm.

There is NOTHING for sale or anything like that. I just want to use that software to build a directory but once I do that, then what? It's too much for one person to do alone. The listing building is but massive directories would attract the traffic for your lists wouldn't it? I've already got some tribe members but we need a Tribe Leader - I'm the instigator, not the leader!!

Are you still scratching your head, going WTF -who is FLUKE? HA! HA! IT's Leah - thriftgirl62!!!
Are you a Linchpin?__seth godin
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