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Question About Daily Traffic

posted Aug 25, 2010 16:30:22 by Whistler
Ok so using the system is the goal the first month 30-40 visitors per cloud or 30-40 visitors per site in the cloud. So if I have a main site with 100 sub domains should I be looking at roughly 30-40 visits per day or 300 to 400?
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Nelson Lirette said Aug 25, 2010 20:01:43
I think he said 1 lead per day per site average for non gurus like him ;-)
So with 100 sub domains it should be 100 per day or so. 100 sub domains is a lot of domains so it better be at least one per day on each one. To get less than that say half 50 would not be to good in my view.
I can shoot for 100 sites. That would be about 3000 leads a month.
Whistler said Aug 25, 2010 23:26:52
Thanks Nelson, I was assuming what you said but I was not sure. I guess when google stopped seeing sub domains as completely different websites to some extent I did too.
Benson said Sep 10, 2010 02:56:35
May I ask how many are you getting a day now?

Chris-Jarvis said Sep 10, 2010 11:48:38
You should be seeing 30-40 visits per day per subdomain, but I thought he said it could take up to 9 months to see that kind of traffic.
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