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Has anyone made a check list yet?

posted Aug 26, 2010 02:43:55 by 7figuresamonth
Has anyone made a check list of everything that needs to be configured or changed on the master site prior to adding sub-domains yet?

If not I plan to start setting up my first master site tomorrow and will do my best to make a basic check sheet to assure that I do not miss any steps along the way. Once it is right it should make setting up the master sites a bit smoother. Kind of a preflight check so to speak.

Not much worse than cruising along for hours or even longer only to find that it all needs to be done again. :)

Allen Daniels
Allen Daniels
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Nelson Lirette said Aug 26, 2010 19:38:50
tha would be good plus an explanation on which videos to watch in order etc. I'm watching them starting from the drop down menu in order but 1st thought you were supposed to go in order under introduction but that causes them to be out of order because on video C he states things that he allready said on other videos that if you followed the introductory order you have not actually seen yet. I will just watch them all and try and put fit together my 1/2 hour a day I have to work this. so far it seems I am just watching summaries of aweber etc. but have not gotten to the mains setups.
So a written list or explanation of the order would be good. I've noticed 2 other people have sdaid the same thing. I thing if you watch all of them over and over you may figure out the order yourself eventually.
Nelson Lirette said Aug 28, 2010 19:16:27
Hi Allen
I just figured out that there are just 23 main videos for the main process. Of course there are more for outsourscing etc. but for the main course there are just 23 videos. He has them redundant and all mixed up which makes it confusing. The order on the introduction is different from the other links on the main never fail listbuiding link and if you click on the main link itself they are redundant again and in a different order. ( I'm just wondering if he outsourced the website set up ) and they got it mixed up etc.
Now I have watched every video and plan on watching every video again even the sales videos to learn this inside and out. As I said before I'm use to rotary phones ;-)
Anyway I havn't figure out the correct order yet or created a checklist but I am taking notes of everything even from stuff in the forum.
I do know if you follow the order he has in the introductory page that video C starts to show that stuff is out of order.
I guess I will bite the $700 bullet. Life isn'tr allways fare and I did enough focusing to overcome my sulking ;-)
should have let me do it ;-) I'm an organized perfectionist. I think theres a psychological word for it but I don't curse on forums ;-)

Nelson Lirette said Aug 28, 2010 20:08:54
When you watch the videos I would also take notes especially if your a newbee. For instance I saw someone ask about the pass and user name. Well if they would have watched the thank you video and took notes they would have known it is admin and demo for wordpress.
So far I'm going through the order and I would say the thank you video would be 1st ;-)
then the welcome video introduction.
then read the companion guide and take notes and reread again. Notes like that we will use hostgator (recommended only) for our domains and to set this up (oh now he tells me:)
so far so good ;-)
this is gettin easier.
Also go through everylink on the site (which I have done but not soon enough) and you will find things like affiliate silver bullet that was being asked where to find it, under the resoursces link.
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Nelson Lirette said Aug 28, 2010 20:27:22
allen here is also how I am creating my checklist. I have 3 pages of notes. One to list the videos in order that they should be watrched after I figure that out;-)
notes on the videos itself and then the main checklist that I will create from my notes on the videos.
ok so my orgainization phobia does get in the way sometimes ;-)
oh I forgot I also am keeping notes on the forum post. That helps to as you learn lots of stuff that is not in the course etc. like about kieth baxter and the domain info from whistler etc.
need to keep learning ;-)
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Vladimir Nikolaev said Aug 29, 2010 21:52:46
Hi colleagues!
What the videos order that they should be watched ?
It still a problem for me. Some video is absent.
Nelson Lirette said Aug 31, 2010 06:24:32
There are 22 main videos to set the main system up. They can all be seen from the introductory page. No need to go to the other links as they are all of the same videos. Some of the names are slightly diiferent once you click on the links from whats on the introductory page and also if you go to the videos from the drop down menus but you should not have a problem once you get to know them and if you stay just on the introductory page to view all of the videos.
There are also the 3 introductory videos and also the companion guide.
the welcome
mindmap and the overview.
B "Download Master Website Templete" on the intoductoy page is the downloads and not a video.
I am not sure if they are in correct order yet but every instructional video can be reached from the main intorductoy page so there is no need to go to the other links and get yourself confused at least until you get to know all of the videos. then it would be ok to be confused again ;-)
I need to watch video A. again "Working with the master sites" to see if I missed something bill said because video C seems to be out of order as he said something about remembering what he said which I did not remember hearing so I need to watch the A. video again to see if it was on there so I can start to figure out which videos to watch 1st. After going over the list it may seem they are in correct order as it is making some sense to me now after rewatching the introductory videos.
Can any one add to this to help us figure out the order? At least I have figured out there are only 22 videos and they can all be seen from the links on the introductory page. Watch them all be correct just like my visa bill usually is. ;-)

Also I noticed that the video list on the introductory page has been altered as video C. is now D. and I think video A was not there before plus the new video about ftp is there also.
going to watch them in order again and see if they seem to be in order enough for me to get started buikding my sites.
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