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Web hosting question about host gator reseller accts and add on domains

posted Aug 26, 2010 13:17:45 by Edward Porter
In the start up guide here in the course it says to never install these sites on "Add On Domains" I have a reseller acct on host gator and am going to have my team do exactly what is in the guide but just wanted to understand why this won't work on add on domains.

Awesome course so far. My first site will go live tonite.

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JBode said Aug 27, 2010 04:39:19
could easily get subdomains confused with an add on domain

mostly it's the fact that your hosting won't be able to handle the load of creating 100s of these blogs
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Edward Porter said Aug 27, 2010 13:55:30
Gotcha! Thanks, JBode!

One additional question that I have:

In the video's and tutorials all of the websites he shows resolve to this version of the URL: http//

I have always had my team have the sites resolve to the full url so search engines like it more: http//

Is there a reason we are not doing that or does it not matter? I hate to confuse by having different ways of setting up the urls if it is fine to continue to use the www.

Whistler said Aug 27, 2010 17:36:41
Hey Ed, or are looked as two different websites by the search engines. Neither way is wrong or looked upon more favorable however you want to remain consistent when generating or getting links.

If you have some links pointing to the www and some to the "non www" you will be losing page rank because like i said google looks at it as two different sites.

To prevent any problems you can set up htaccess redirects that will made sure all links and visitors resolve to the same url structure of your choosing.

I personally build all my sites without the www's just because I don't like them and I am way to lazy to be typing in www's all day!

Hope it helps and makes sense,
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