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Password for WP Admin

posted Aug 28, 2010 11:47:53 by DavidT
Hi Folks, David here,

Trying to find out what login details are needed first time after downloading and installing. Any ideas?

Cheers guys.

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Whistler said Aug 28, 2010 15:48:43
Hi David,

If you got master to install on your server then congrats you are doing better then me. Because I couldn't get the backup to install on my server, says that the backup zip file is missing a file, I just duplicated Bills wordpress installation best I could and made my own master. There for I didnt have a password issue, however I am sure the site is not as optimized as Bills, but I can now clone that site.

If you can not get the wp-admin password you can reset the WP admin pass word with FTP access via the functions.php page. Below is a link for the line of code you to place on the page to make this possible. Just remember to re-edit the php file and remove the code as soon as it is reset. Hope it helps here is the link:
DavidT said Aug 28, 2010 16:24:32
Thanks Whistler (real name not given)

Talked to Bill on Skype and the login info is:

user: admin

Password: demo

You probably should change it to suit yourself of course. At least then you can edit the settings for your own site.

All the best,

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