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Can I use my existing domain name that already has a few articles/pages on it as Master site?

posted Aug 29, 2010 19:35:09 by hopelin
I was wondering if I have to buy a new domain name or any of my domain name that has no articles/pages in it?

I wanted to use one of my existing domain name that already has a few articles/pages on if as Master site. Don't know if that will work?

I don't see anywhere in the videos that Bill mentioned anything about if we could use our existing sites for the Master site.

Looking for anyone's feedback and advices. Thanks so much!!
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Jason said Aug 31, 2010 01:30:26
Hi Hopelin

If you only have a couple posts on your blog at the moment and the domain name is one that you want to use.

Then first ask yourself: are you making any money or getting any traffic?

If you are answer is no then I would personally uninstall the blog, clear my database and install the Master Site on that domain.

It won't hurt you if you have not built huge amounts of back links and or any other stuff to increase traffic to the blog. Google may have indexed your pages but if you only have a couple then I would not worry about it.

This is what I would personally do because if I had a really good domain name that I thought was suitable for a NFLB Blog I would use it and move forward :).

Hope this helps
Hang loose :)

hopelin said Aug 31, 2010 07:46:07
Hi Jason,

Thanks so much for your advice.
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