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Master Website Template

posted Aug 29, 2010 17:32:58 by John Sproson
Might be a bizarre request; have set up my first master all OK, but where on earth is the password for the admin login so I can amend content / links etc?!
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John Sproson said Aug 29, 2010 18:14:52
OK, forget it; my IT guy hacked the database with some SQL and set me up!
[Last edited Aug 29, 2010 18:15:04]
Whistler said Aug 29, 2010 18:58:02
SO you don't have to hack in the future it is:

Username: admin
Password: demo
Jason said Sep 03, 2010 01:34:20
Hahahahaha... I hacked my database too ..

hang loose :)
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