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Unable to proceed much further

posted Aug 29, 2010 14:38:21 by stevaxx
Hi everyone.

Well I've been working away at building my first Master site but seem to have come to a halt at the comment bribe. Although there does not appear to be any instructions regarding the comments plugins, I've been digging around but now I'm stumped. The comment please plugin re-directs to a sales page of Bill's (not quite what we want):-)

The problem is I cannot start on the subdomains until the Master is complete.

It looks like we will need to wait for the webinar on Friday. I don't have much patience and want to crack on..

Any enlightenment would be welcome

Happy building,
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Whistler said Aug 29, 2010 15:33:34
Shooting a video on how to fix an install problem right now! As soon as I am done with that I will shoot you a quick video on how to fix the comment bribe to do what you want it to do!
Jason said Aug 31, 2010 01:39:20
Not at all Steva ...

Go to left hand side of Admin area and look for "Please comment" under the settings and put your own text and links in the before comment and after comment!

Follow the formatting that Bill has .. the top box incorporates an image and an affiliate link. If you don't want to link out of your blog just remove the link. Change those!

Bottom box has the text that will appear after someone makes a post. Change that to your style and topic..

You are done!!

hope this helps
hang loose :)

John Stevinson said Sep 01, 2010 20:01:06
Thanks for that Jason. After the usual errors (for me) I finally got it all configured.

Still one problem remaining though, The comment please box is not appearing on the blog home page.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again
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