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Hosting Question For Bill

posted Aug 30, 2010 18:11:31 by Will

Is it okay to use hostgators SEOhosting rather than the hostgator reseller package?

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Whistler said Aug 30, 2010 19:25:31
I am not Bill but I have a account and it seems to work fine. I usually migrate most of my decent preforming sites from my test servers to one of my muilti IP accounts like In the past the only problem I have had with some other autoblogging systems is with bandwith usage. But this can usually be fixed by tweaking settings or upgrading accounts.
Sue said Sep 04, 2010 07:58:24
I have a HostGator Dedicated account and have considered moving to a reseller account for some time now.
You mentioned autoblogging systems and their bandwith usage. Just a few days ago, a Very experienced autoblogger stated that HostGator's server (reseller) would not have the capacity to handle the above.
He named other hosts that would do a better job, AND would not come back on "you" for the demands you were putting on their system.
Therefore, I would feel safer with the other suggested hosts, but am concerned because in a video (or two?) Bill says his software/scripts will work well (or best?) on HostGator. Will they work on these other hosts or not? In my opinion, I think they will; it's a cpanel:)
Will greatly appreciate a reply. Thanks!
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