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Need Help! =) Issues with the autoposting going wild!!

posted Aug 30, 2010 13:25:00 by Jason

I engaged my master blog last night ... When I woke this morning I had over 550 posts when I checked it this morning...

Anyone know what is going on and how I can stop the 300 more scheduled to post ?

I set up the autoposting section to the "Bill" defaults however, I increased them from 10 to 200 for Isnare and Ezine and, I also increased the to Article base to 500 ... I think this is what happened but not sure since I sent my wp-autoposting to go out every 6 hours.

I have since when into the autoposting rules and set them all to 50 submissions...

Do I disable the rules in the "automatic posting" area?

Any help would be nice since the site is building way to fast!
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Jason said Aug 31, 2010 01:19:00
No need to reply to this post ... The system flung out 800+ posts within 16 hours ...

My advice would be to use Bill's default settings and disregard the part in the video that shows him enabling it to 1000 posts =)

As soon as I enabled the content to flow my blog bogged out just like Bill's did in the video. It started to propagate the blog with relevant posts!

BTW... I have no idea how this effects the over all blog except to say that I added XXX+ posts with a very short time period all with the same day time stamped.

If you are reading this and you know how to fix it so that it looks more natural then please post your instruction below. This would help not only I but the whole community.

hang loose :)

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