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Where is out traffic coming from?

posted Aug 30, 2010 11:42:07 by Andrew Frier
Hey Guys

Ok building the site in WP is no problem, the question I am sooo stuck on is this, in the launch video Bill says about getting our traffic from all the web 2.0 sites like dig, blogger or wordpress etc, I thought that we where going to be building these sites mini sites on the various web2.0 sites, but we are not! and if the traffic is not coming from Google as it says in the launch video and we are not building web 2.0 sites, then where the hell is the traffic coming from? I know I my sound stupid or may have missed something?? But I can’t move forward until I can understand this big point? Any help would be great!!


Andy F
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Whistler said Aug 30, 2010 16:59:35
The sites we are building are by definition WEB 2.0 and though we are not specifically going after google traffic Bill clearly says he has incorporated some aspects of the site to help draw some google traffic. If you set up the plugin like bill talked about you will be getting traffic from the other traffic sources that you mentioned.

But the best way to find out where the traffic is going to come from is to build the sites and monitor your traffic states. Using this method it is virtually impossible to predict where traffic will be coming from.

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