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Need to be pointed in the right direction

posted Aug 31, 2010 20:02:26 by Nelson Lirette
So far I've started going through the process following the order on the introductory page. I've watched these videos so far.
A. Working with the master Sites
C. Setting up your master domain and downloading the neverfail templete
D. Installing the templete step by step.
So far so good. All of these videos show me how to set up my main site using hostgator.
Then I go to video D. And E. The final step-setting up the permalinks and Wordpress tour-What plugins do you need.

This is where I now am starting to get confused.
It talks about the permalinks being in wordpress plus the other plugins etc. and that I should download my templete into wordpress at least I think it did. So I am not sure where you go to find wordpress. I see wordpress direct in the resoursces but not wordpress. So I just typed in and try to log in using admin and demo as the pass. It says that is the wrong password.

So do I need to register with wordpass before I am able to use the login info bill has given us? Did I go to the correct wordpress site? I did not see anywhere any information about where wordpress is.

Also was I supposed to set up the templete in wordpress before doing the main site in hostgator? Am I following the correct order of the videos? I have not seen any videos on setting up the templete in wordpress before setting up my sites.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Nelson Lirette said Sep 01, 2010 04:49:37
ok I rewatched the video about setting up the permalinks and bill seems to be saying to take your domain name and add /wp-admin to get to the wordpress login.
I don't know if wordpress is part of hostgator and just another part of the hostgator backoffice and that I don't have to register with wordpress but I will go ahead and get my hosting and my domain name and then see if I can go to wordpress using my own domian name as he suggest and see if I can make that work. Will report back.
Any clarification about this would still be appreciated.
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Max Kuehne said Sep 01, 2010 08:55:07
wordpress is the content management system we use for the NFLB. When you uploaded the NFLB Template the way it was shown in the video or by ftp and then followed all the steps, then you will also have installed the wordpress (wp) cms on your domain. It is not part of Hostgator.

From reading a little bit more of what you write you should research your keywords and niche you want to target first, then you will want to register a domain somewhere (I use Namecheap) and get hosting with Hostgator (you can register your domain with Hosgator as well and that may be the better choice for you since you seem a little lost. But do not worry it sounds more difficult than it is.) Make the domain one of your keywords.
When you have that, go through the videos and follow along. I think all will make more sense then. If not just post another question here.


Nelson Lirette said Sep 01, 2010 16:59:22
Ok thanks Max that clarifies it for me. I had not actually done anything but just watched the videos and took notes to follow the process. I purchased my domain and reseller hosting all from hostgator yesterday. I will upload my templete as soon as I finish setting up my hosgator account and should be able to find my wordpress now.
What I'm trying to do now is to set up my cpanel and packages hostgator says I need to do . Will report back if I need anymore help with that.
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Fluke said Sep 16, 2010 04:29:31 the-same-as-the-post-title-above-that-gets-long the-CORRECT-PERMALINK-STRUCTURE
If the post title is placed directly after the domain/sub-domain, it causes a gazillion re-writes to the .htaccess file. Some large blogs already have 20,000 lines of code constantly being read which slows down the blog but nobody can figure out the reason their "computers are so slow" but what about PR suffering from long pages loads.

Google has been putting more weight on that too - users don't like to wait for large cute things they don't care about. How many lines of code will the .htaccess file handle before anyone notices the slow speed, but what about the real problem? The problem of low conversions when people leave instead of waiting.

SEO Experts decided it was best not to include the date and that's where this "custom" Permalink came from but they failed to realize what would eventually happen - it's not scalable that way. Even the database structure will max out.

NONE of this applies to small blogs that don't grow but other large blogs will need to be re-built after a couple of years if they don't use option 2 or 3 in the Wordpress directions and ignore the Videos about custom permalinks. Even Bill doesn't explain the permalink structure - he just says leave it alone because he's not Programmer and neither are SEO Experts. Why does Matt Cutts use option 2 for his blog?

Bill McRhea is the TRAFFIC Magical Man (forgot that name like GURU) being advised by SEO EXPERTS who expected Wordpress to pop out a patch a long time ago. It's been 18 months and have tabled the Permalink patch or fix months ago...obviously because there isn't going to be one -

They probably figure that if people just quit using the Custom structure they don't need a patch and guess what? They are right. The directions Wordpress gives are correct but the people want to put Custom Monster wheels on stock Toyota pick up truck. What is Wrong with that picture??
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