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Missing items to configure in training videos?

posted Sep 03, 2010 18:22:18 by Chris-Jarvis
Are these topics covered in the training videos or did I just miss them?
-editing comment please to send to your own product download
-edit links (they all point to Bill's sites right now
-editing HopPress to point to your own url's
-configuring the Stealth Marketing Plugin

Visit the offsite user created non official support forum for NFLB at
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bensonmui said Sep 05, 2010 05:26:27
They are sought of in there, but not clear. You have to go in and adjust them.

I recently went in and edited all those.

The only issue I have now is my exit is not going to an affiliate page.

I can't figure it out.

if you like I can walk you through the issue, feel free to contact me an email at: dthjk3000lg at

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