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Please Comment Plugin - Help

posted Sep 03, 2010 17:10:26 by Benson


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bensonmui said Sep 03, 2010 17:14:27
This is odd. What happen to my message?

Here it is again:

Can someone post the code for the PLEASE COMMENT (BEFORE CODE) PLUGIN? I totally dismantled the codes and am stuck.

I am almost done with my master site. (Yippee)

Chris-Jarvis said Sep 03, 2010 18:09:59

I think this is what you need

Hi [comment_author],

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Your comment is:

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I will review your comment as soon as possible.
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Benson said Sep 03, 2010 18:19:33
Thanks, but the one I need is right after the WP Comment Auto Responder. Its actually labeled as "Comment Please". I need the Before Codes.

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