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Tags - Question

posted Sep 03, 2010 06:15:40 by Benson
Do we need to delete the tags of the old template or leave it alone?
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Chris-Jarvis said Sep 03, 2010 18:15:31
I would delete them unless they are relevant to your niche.
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Benson said Sep 03, 2010 18:33:30
Is there a faster way to delete the tags instead of going through the post tags. I have about 263 pages, and it took me awhile to delete 20 pages.

umake13 said Sep 03, 2010 19:22:26
i depends if you start in the same market leave the tag the same if is different market yes you can change that tag
Benson said Sep 05, 2010 05:18:30
Well, I went ahead and deleted all 4900 tags from the old master template.

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