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posted Sep 04, 2010 13:05:37 by Jason
HI I really need some advice...

I was on the webinar and Bill mentioned to watch the video in the template package.
I watched it!

Okay, now what do I do ... ?

There is no more articles being posted for now the 4-5th day and I had 800+ articles pulled in within a 24 hour period.

I changed the settings 36 hours ago and still no new content and with all this content no optins. Ya I know since it was not dripped over time there is not a natural dispersant of content.

What do I do now ?

Do I take the site offline and flush the data base ... ?

All my syndication and back links that have been sent out to Onlywire will be worthless!

I have a really nice keyword rich domain with a high Commercial Intent!

Is my site a complete dud now that I have to scrap it?

Please help...

I put so much time and effort into this Site .. OMG so much time and effort .. that I hope it is salvageable!

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Benson said Sep 04, 2010 22:45:10
Why did you set it to have 800 content? I thought the idea was to have 15 post a day max?

How long did it take you to setup the only wire accounts?
Jason said Sep 05, 2010 12:54:22
I had this originally in the P.s. but thought it would be an great introduction to Bensons question.

P.P.s. Additional note... I am here to better myself and others around me. If I am successful others around me will be successful. I am always on that mindset.

When I read the posts in this forum and I know the answer I will pipe in and answer it. Because of the comment earlier, if you are successful I will be successful. However, one of my main goals that I am here is I NEED this to pay off! I WANT this to bear fruit.

I am not into the FAILING GAME, I have done enough of that, failing is not in my vocabulary an longer. I know a good system when I see one so if I have to scratch and claw to get the answers I will do just that.

So, MAKING MONEY and BUILDING MY LIST larger is a couple another reasons why I am here. I can bet that one of these reasons are in The TOP TWO why people have invested in this program! ;)

Okay .. Benson your answer!


Q: "Why did you set it to have 800 content?"
A: I did not know there was an undated video. I thought that all up-to-date instruction was in the members area.

I was focused on the setting up the system, I watched the intro. videos and received the idea of what we were doing so that was good for me. So, after hours of watching and tracking down all the videos that gave me enough information to get started I buckled down to get it done.

Okay, ya I know, it is ass backwards, but if the system works for Bill and he is offering the exact system to us to use, I am not here to reinvent the wheel not highly interested in why or how it works right now just putting the cookie cutter pieces together!

People like myself that have been setting up systems for a while I suppose want the information to be step by step and arranged in chronological order to make it as effortlessly as possible because we have so much more on the go. I run a full time online business with so much to do in a day, so when you are a one man team trying out new systems there are only so many hours in a day.

So, to sum up that is one of the main reasons why I was interested in the program. Not to mention the Set it and forget methodology. I love that part! =)

IMO, scattering around the instruction only confuses people and myself. Well obviously confused the me! =(

Any word on if Bill, or Tech Support will be joining us in the Forum to mingle and answer some questions?

Hang loose =)

P.s. I always tell it the way that I see it. I do it mostly to help and inform. I find that when I read such posts as the one written above I learn more then from a one line answer that says pretty much nothing! Unless that is all it takes. LoL...

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