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Can't find my post Anybody else?

posted Sep 05, 2010 18:41:54 by the vacationer
On this forum my post has gone down to the next page but it tells me the service limit has been reached and I cannot see the 2nd and 3rd pages etc.. Anybody else seeing that?
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the vacationer said Sep 05, 2010 18:49:19
I found my post! I used the search function and looked up the word cpanel that was one of the words in my headline and found my post. I still can't get to it from the 1st page however. It seems they have it set to only be able to view one page of post. Don't forget your headline and use search if you need to find your post again.
Anyone have a forum that allows stickys and does not cut off your post etc. and allows you to find your own post etc. I seen some good ones being in other programs etc. so I know they are out there but never been a forum manager of my own.
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Peter Dlugokencky said Sep 07, 2010 12:55:08
Yes, there seems to be a problem with this forum. Whenever I try to go to page 2 I get...

Page Limit Reached

Service Limit Reached!

There are more topics in forum, but the free version of this software is only able to display the 15 most recently active topics.
To allow unlimited access to this forum the admin needs to upgrade.

Page Limit Reached

Hopefully this is something they can fix. Otherwise, it's really killing off the conversations on the forum.

Nelson Lirette said Sep 07, 2010 21:43:00
see post by chris "conference call" before it dissapears ;-) He is wanting to know if anyone is interested in having a new forum that he can create.
if it dissapears you can find it again using search and the title "conference call".
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