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Download Clickbank Training Button

posted Sep 06, 2010 03:45:03 by Peter Dlugokencky
I didn't see this in the training...

When you change your AWeber Footer Slideup, don't forget to change the button text that says "Download Clickbank Training". (Unless of course Clickbank Training is your niche or opt-in bribe).

You can change this button text by going back to your site's admin area and going to Settings > AWeber Footer Slide Up

Hit Control-F, or just search through the "Hidden AWeber Form Fields" test to find "Clickbank"

You should find the line that says, "<input name="submit" class="submit" type="submit" value="Download Clickbank Training" tabindex="501" />

Change the "Download Clickbank Training" to whatever is more appropriate for your niche and opt-in bribe.

I hear the most effective button text is "Free Instant Access". But, you may want to test something more directed at your niche.

Hope that helps someone else who was looking for that fix.

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Bob said Sep 16, 2010 21:14:50
Thanks. I was searching for how to edit that button. This was just what I needed.
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