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How do I make import buddy work again?

posted Sep 06, 2010 23:23:12 by the vacationer
I cannot get to my site to access importbuddy like bill does. I uploaded the templete then did my database then did the importbuddy configuration. However at the end when I tested the site it failed to show and now I cannot even see my site index as I get the 500 error message.
I try and go to my file manager and highlight importbuddy to open it but I cannot figure out how to make it work. I created a new database after deleting it and creating a new one with a different name and it is not configured right with the importbuddy (I think anyway) so I wanted to do it all over again but can't make the importbuddy open up.
Any one know how importbuddy works from the file manager?
Ok I'm still would like to know how to get to importbuddy from the backoffice instead of my site but I went ahead and deleted all of the files and my database set up and will upload the templete and start all over. At least now I can see my website index but it does not show anything on it even cgi access. I hope I'm not digging this hole any deeper ;-)
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Nelson Lirette said Sep 07, 2010 04:23:49
got it fixed and went on to permalinks and set that only after I realized I was not in my wp-admin but bills informationqaboutmarketing from my browser address dropdown link. (watch out for this if you can't make it work)
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