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Conference Call

posted Sep 07, 2010 16:00:31 by Benson
Anyone interested in a group conference call so that we can each have our questions answered? We each have our own experience we can bring to the table and help each other. Bill and his team appear very busy so I suggest we help each other out. I am on the East Coast. Morning or Afternoon works for me.
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Chris-Jarvis said Sep 07, 2010 16:34:43
I work full time so that would be difficult for me. This forum layout is terrible to be honest. If there is any interest I could put up a simple press forum. That would be a better format than what we have now.
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the vacationer said Sep 07, 2010 21:32:51
yes I posted about this forum before. the only way you can see old post is to use search. I would like a forum with stickys for important fixes also so I am all for it!
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