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Has the Automatic Posting Rules been changed?

posted Sep 07, 2010 04:40:51 by Nelson Lirette
On bills suplemental video within the templete download he shows 5 rules that he has setup for the automatic posting on wordpress. In my wordpress settings I only have 1 rule and the video rule. Is anybody else having just the same 2 rules now? Has he changed it lately?
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Benson said Sep 07, 2010 15:53:50
What are the rules you are showing?

Ezine Articles
Article Base
Yahoo News
You tube video

When was your new template downloaded?
the vacationer said Sep 07, 2010 21:36:59

I downloaded it yesterday monday 9-6-10
rule #1 Type: article engines Categories: affiliate blogs
Videos Type: rss feeds Categories: affiliate blogs

Thats the only two I have. Do you think I can create the others shown in the videos or your post above?
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Benson said Sep 08, 2010 16:37:05
We can ask on the Webinar later today.
Nelson Lirette said Sep 08, 2010 20:39:35
work evenings and nights so let me know. can only lissen to the reruns. late right now ;-)
I think I will be able to create them myself from some of his instructions but just guessing right now.
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