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Week 1 Q&A Call Posted? Creating Packages?

posted Sep 07, 2010 13:14:14 by Peter Dlugokencky
Is the Week 1 Q&A call posted anywhere? Can't seem to find it.

There was information in the call about creating "packages" for the hostgator reseller account. Is that information provided anywhere else?

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Benson said Sep 07, 2010 15:51:33
WEEK1 QA is not posted yet.
Chris-Jarvis said Sep 07, 2010 20:45:14
I just noticed it is posted now.
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Nelson Lirette said Sep 07, 2010 21:59:05
I'm looking for it and still can't find it. Where are you seeing it?

update I have found it under "weekly Q&A Calls" You have to look close for the sept 3rd download link. It is kind of small and in red on my site.
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Nelson Lirette said Sep 08, 2010 00:29:48
also the setting up the packages info that you are looking for is also on video C & D on the introduction page
C. Setting up your master domain and downloading the never fail templete.
D. Installing the templete step-by-step
at leaset I think that is where it was ;-) since I am finish that part of the set up and I just followed the videos in order on the introductory page.

Also if you follow the videos in the order on the introductory page everything will be in the order that it has to be done to set this up. It use to be out of line but they rearranged it a little and it is in better order now. The other links under the never fail listbuilding system just confuses me so I stick to the introduction page to view the videos. Also there are 22 videos to watch plus the 3 welcome videos introduction, midnmap and overview. All of the videos are on the introduction page. The same exact videos are on the dropdown boxes under the never fail link but they are out of order plus the names are slightly different. I researched this at the beginning of this confusing but wonderfull system
becomming clearer by the day!
the vacationer said Sep 08, 2010 07:57:10
I change my mind and my avatar (go figure);-)!The videos are not in order ;-) but you can get set up by watching the videos up to E then you will see they get out of order. But I think you can still set it up as I think each section is independent of the other ones and if you watch them at least twice or more like me ;-) you can figure out what needs to be done 1st etc.
I still havn't made it to the video to change my budrul or to even find where that site is to set up an account but it was explained a little that you would need to do it on the G. video.
They really could help us by putting them in a better order.
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