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Is Anybody Actually There from McCrea?

posted Sep 08, 2010 14:30:06 by Paul Doig
I have had various problems getting this to work. And after spending money on this system, and a reseller hosting account, I wanted this up and running fairly quickly.

I repoted a number of problems through your support page, and got no response, I just go unanswered.

So, I asked for a refund... and just go unanswered.

Though I still get e-mails from Bill wanting me to buy this system.

I am out of pocket, can't get the "Never Fail" system to work, and have lost any confidence in Bill McCrea's company.

By the looks of other messages on here, I am not alone.

If I don't hear back very soon, I will just have to ask my card provider to force a refund.

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Benson said Sep 08, 2010 15:37:05
I recently requested a refund from them for the automatic traffic hub service $197 which I bought before NFLS launched. I received a prompt refund minus the charge from Payapl of $4.32 which I thought was strange. I am requesting to be refunded the difference.

I know there are a lot of issues, but like Chris Jarvis said, we can be patient and let's work it out as a team for now. The end result is what I'm looking for. We still have 7 weeks to go in our webinar training.
Plus a 60 day money back guarantee.

Bill and his team must be overwhelmed with support.
Chris-Jarvis said Sep 08, 2010 19:00:36
Just wanted to chime in. I had some problems as well, but I built my root site on Friday and have about 50 content sites up. Not trying to brag as I have quite a few sites already and know wordpress pretty well. The good news I am already seeing traffic and backlinks. No subscribers yet, but I'm sure they will come soon. So, this system does work. I have another system which I paid $2000 for and it has all kinds of issues. This is in my opinion a good system. I do agree that support is lacking. See the link in my signature. Just created a support forum for all of us.
Visit the offsite user created non official support forum for NFLB at
Benson said Sep 08, 2010 19:22:28
Chris, that's good to hear. Can you share with me about Onlywire and WP Syndicator? How do I know if they are working?
Chris-Jarvis said Sep 08, 2010 19:30:30
For wp syndicator you will need to log on to your account that you entered in the wp syndicator page. It will show your submissions there.

For onlywire you should see this on your submissions page...



Newsvine SUCCESS


Multiply SUCCESS
Visit the offsite user created non official support forum for NFLB at
Benson said Sep 08, 2010 19:50:54
How long does it take before anything happens with WP Syndicator?
Benson said Sep 08, 2010 20:02:35
Only 18 more accounts to open. I didn't realize it was this much work in the social bookmarking (very tedious).
Debbie Foster said Sep 08, 2010 20:13:42
I must agree with the lack of support - and am very frustrated at this point. I even got help from WP support before any response from the support tickets or phone calls in here. One frustrating thing this morning was a phone call from the NFLB office regarding getting one-on-one support -- although he said he didn't want money -- it was a pretty hard sell. Was told someone from tech support would get back to me -- and that was several hours ago. I see the potential but there seems to be lots of issues that have not been addressed in these videos and there does seem to be a "lack of information" coming from the support people. Thanks Chris --- I will be over to your site in a couple of minutes. :)
Benson said Sep 08, 2010 20:18:48
I was thinking of signing up for the walk through from Parker Marketing. What do you think?
DebbieFoster said Sep 08, 2010 21:05:33

Is that the guy that Bill mentioned on the phone last Friday (Think I remember -- Todd Parker?) Might be an answer - was just looking over his website after you mentioned it. I hate to just give up on this as I can see value -
Benson said Sep 08, 2010 21:08:26
Tom Parker not Todd Parker.

Its right under service from the introduction button.

I was supposed to schedule with him, but this week has been busy and erratic.

Chris-Jarvis said Sep 09, 2010 00:58:31
Debbie, I see you signed up on the forum I created. Post any issues you are having and I'll do my best to answer. It will be easier over there for me to post screen shots which might help. I know Benson and I have had some good conversations here, but the posts are hard to find here.
Visit the offsite user created non official support forum for NFLB at
Benson said Sep 09, 2010 04:16:23

The Webinar #2 was very informative. I feel I got most of my issues resolved.

Paul Doig said Sep 09, 2010 09:09:20
I can't join the webinars as they are in the middle of the night for me. I get little enough sleep as it is trying to run an offline business in the middle of a recession.

I still haven't had any reply to my questions, nor my request for a refund.

If the company is too snowed under with support questions, then they should stop promoting the product for more sales, and deal with the customers who have already paid them money.

The guy who phoned me, just wanted to upsell to another 'mentor' style product.

Overall, i'm not impressed :(
Jenny Kuo said Sep 09, 2010 13:46:30
I also have to say that their support has left a lot to be desired as I have submitted 2 tickets a week ago and have yet to receive replies.... So I ended up throwing all my questions on the 2nd webinar which I was able to attend (while at work! :P), and was quite surprised that Bill actually got to most of my questions. This has given me more clarity as to what I need to do with this system. I have yet to start building my master site, as I've been watching and re-watching the videos (the video order is confusing!) to fully get an understanding before I start. I think I might be able to start building this weekend! :)

Chris, great to see the system is working for you! Gives us all that much more motivation to get this going for ourselves. And thanks for creating the forum and support that Bill failed to provide. I'll be heading on over there for sure.
Benson said Sep 09, 2010 16:54:39
I had a lot of my questions answered on the Webinar #2 yesterday. I am getting a clear picture of this program and its possibility. Although, the support hasn't been that responsive, I have been finding ways to get my questions answered with the support of people from this forum and from Bill's Webinars, and Hostgators.

So far as of today, there is 47 members in this forum, if we all chime in and help one another we'll have made a lot of progress.

Don't forget that Chris Jarvis created the unofficial forum for us also.

Plus, Tom Parker will be answering questions also. May I suggest that you also post the answers from Tom, so we can all learn from it.

I do plan on having a walkthrough of my Master Site before cloning it with Tom Parker sometime this week. I'll share what I learned.

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