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New support forum for us to use....

posted Sep 08, 2010 18:46:04 by Chris-Jarvis
I just created a new forum site for us to use. My disclaimer: this site was built by me today and it is not sanctioned or approved by Bill McRea. Just had to get that out. Anyway, this site will allow us to create sticky posts and look beyond 15 posts.
A few things to note:
-it does require registration...I needed a way to keep spammers at bay
-once you register you will get a password emailed to you. Log in and then please change your password. For some reason it is requiring first and last name. Haven't found a way around it yet.
-I'll try and keep things organized and easy to access. Just keep in mind it is on my dime and my limited time. Feel free to email with anything you may want to see or have changed.

Visit the offsite user created non official support forum for NFLB at
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the vacationer said Sep 09, 2010 19:38:03
The link above in this post works to go to your forum but the link under your signature shows the forum but only half of it for some reason at least in some of your other post. Have not tried your signature link in this post yet. May be causing some other trouble getting to your new forum. also thanks for creating the forum.
anint got no time today to work on the program have to go work the game tonight delivering pizzas and I just woke up ;-)
who dat!;-)
Peter Dlugokencky said Sep 10, 2010 00:00:12
Thanks or setting it up Chris but...

This forum is working now. You can now go beyond page 1 and see older posts. Bill mentioned on yesterday's webinar that he had to purchase the full version of the forum software. And, looks like he did.
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