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Tom Parker Consulting

posted Sep 10, 2010 22:35:00 by Benson
Just finished my call with Tom Parker on my walk through. The call was over an hour due to issues with Skype. Tom answered all my questions and concerns at the time of the call. Tom recently became a full time marketer using Bill's system since working with Bill 9 months ago.

Tom is very easy to speak with. He is not chatty, but if you ask if questions, he'll share his knowledge with you.

Tom did mentioned that the system works, and to be patient in working through the kinks.

Focus on one course and follow through - get a list built first and then focus on spreading to other areas.

**Issues we had:
- My WP Syndicator Plugin appeared to be corrupted which explains why my Word wasn't going through.

- - Tom will consult with Bill about OnlyWires new program (which is very costly). The free version doesn't do much at this time?

*So basically my cloning is on hold till we get more information for the next step with Auto Social Bookmarking.
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