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can't login to Wordpress after a primary domain backup and extraction to my first clone went wrong

posted Sep 11, 2010 17:49:07 by Daniel Swindells
I've been following the videos in order and it was going well, I didn't have a problem until I tried to backup my primary domain template to create my first clone site.

I'd made the mistake of already moving several addon domains with sites I'd been working on prior to signing up here from my old web host onto this one before backing it up. The backup file with all the addon domains was backed up and extracted to the clone.

When I try to login to Wordpress on my primary domain, I now get a 404 error and it redirects me to the subdomain, the URL it sends me to is:

Now I've deleted all addon and subdomains from the cpanel and I've deleted all the folders created trying to start fresh and get a decent backup to use for cloning, but I still get redirected to the address above when I try and login to Wordpress.

I'd had a problem logging into Wordpress before because I wasn't sure what my login details were, or what email address was assigned to the account. Sorry if this was covered on the video courses, I must of missed it.

Google searching told me to go to phpMyAdmin and change the password and email for the Wordpress through there. This worked, until of course, I had this backup problem. Perhaps me changing those details has caused this?

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.
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Bill McRea said Sep 11, 2010 18:03:03

There is an easy fix for this, in myphpadmin. scroll the left database menu to prefix WP_OPTIONS, open that file. On the right locate the row with option_name siteurl. you will see that there is a sub-domain url listed.
Click the pencil icon to edit that line, change to the root url and click go.

Next go to page two of WP_OPTIONS, look for a row with option_name HOME, and edit in the same way.

Thats it, you're done.

I hope this helps.

Tom Parker

Chris-Jarvis said Sep 11, 2010 18:42:59
I have this issue every time I build a subdomain. Just to add to what Tom is saying.

In these two rows you will see It needs to be changed to


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Daniel Swindells said Sep 12, 2010 11:19:59
Worked like a charm. Thanks guys!

I'd just like to say that this is head and shoulders above the 5-6 other paid IM programs I've tried so far since experimenting in this field.

Daniel Swindells said Sep 12, 2010 18:35:33
Sadly the problem has returned when I created two more subdomains:

When I try and load their wp-admins, both sites redirect to:

or the same URL in the case of 'internetmarketingplan', except of course with that in it instead. is a domain I've been working on prior to joining your system. Seems very strange that it redirects there, the domain is still pointed at different servers. I want to get all this sorted before moving it over.

So I went back into MyphpAdmin to change those values in wp_options as you suggested. Both values had changed back to my first subdomain name:

So I changed these to the primary domain name for both of the new subdomains but they still redirect to the URL listed above.

Any ideas? Thanks.
Chris-Jarvis said Sep 12, 2010 22:10:03
I'm not sure if this is it or not. Looks at the options table for the subdomains to make sure they are correct. The options table would be in the table under the subdomain prefix_options.


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whoisme153 said Sep 12, 2010 23:10:56
OK, thanks for the suggestion, when I went to subdomain prefix_options in MyphpAdmin, the site URL listed was, I changed the two values, 'site url' and 'home' back to my primary domain and they now work fine.

Also, on my primary domain, the graphics weren't showing, only the text, so I went to wp_options and checked that, and the 'site URL' and 'home' values had changed automatically since I last reset them! Again, they'd changed to! And yet, in spite of the values set, the primary domain wasn't redirecting there.

Surely for whatever reason, when I added this domain, it's left details that I haven't been able to remove yet?

Can you suggest any alternative to deleting everything and starting afresh here, because I'd rather not have to keep changing these values when I create new subdomains.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Chris-Jarvis said Sep 13, 2010 01:13:11
I have to do that same thing every time I create a subdomain. Bill said they were working on a fix but I havent heard anything. It has something to do with the import when running importbuddy.php. I just started looking at the code in import buddy for another reason so I am hoping to figure it out.
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Daniel Swindells said Sep 13, 2010 11:24:46
OK, well good to know it's on the agenda.

I'll just push ahead with the cloning for now then. If I could be notified when a fix is available, by email or a message on this thread, that'd be great!

Benson said Oct 03, 2010 16:02:42
I got confused reading how to adjust this master site.

Can someone provide more specific instructions on where do I find Myphpadmin?

I looked in Filemanager on CPANEL and got even more confused.

Tom Parker provided me the same info as above and I still don't know where to go.

Much appreciation.

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