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central control panel and super admin network I found this info hopefully helpfull or more confusing??

posted Sep 11, 2010 19:52:45 by DianeBialecki
i found this material, and it sounded right as i like to find out things in the begining of a project. if there are eaasier ways in doing things. Is there anyone with more experience to go over this and see if it works for us here at neverfaillistbuilding thanks!!

I told you there was one simple twist you could put into action when using Wordpress to really make everything easy to manage.
... and take it from me, you don't want to build your network of auto blogs any other way than the one I'm going to tell you about.
I still have nightmares at night thinking about how difficult it was to run my auto blogs the old way.
Without a central control panel to manage everything, I had to log into each site individually to make even the smallest change.
Let me tell you... I can think of better ways to spend my time than logging into 300 different admin panels just to see my stats or make a change to an Adsense block or banner ad.
Thanks to Wordpress 3.0 and its multi-site feature, I can now run my entire network of auto blogs through one central installation.
Instead of uploading and activating plugins to hundreds of separately installed copies of Wordpress, I can now manage everything from one central installation.
Although I'll admit it takes a little bit of work up front to get everything setup the right way, you'll save days and weeks of time whenever you need to make even the simplest of tweaks.
So, follow along while I show you how to do it...

Step #1 - Install Wordpress
Log into your HostGator account and select the "Fantastico Deluxe" under Software/Services from within your cPanel.
Select Wordpress from the list on the left hand side of the page and click on the "New Installation" link and then follow the rest of the steps to complete your install.
If you've never installed Wordpress using Fantastico before, watch Installing Wordpress via Fantastico for guidance.
Step #2 - Activate Wordpress multi-site
This step is really simple.
Open up wp-config.php and add this line above where it says /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */
define ('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);
Save the file and move onto the next step...
Step #3 - Create your auto blog
You may have to refresh the dashboard, but you should see a new "Network" option under Tools in the sidebar.
After you click on the "Network" link you'll be taken to a new page where you can create your network of auto blogs.
You just fill in the information...

During this step in the process, you have the option to choose between subdomains and subdirectories.
If you're not familiar... Sub-domain = Sub-directory =
You have to pick one or the other and it can't be changed unless you totally re-configure your installation.
Since I know HostGator has mod_rewrite capabilities and that's what I need to run with the sub-directory option, I usually don't bother going the sub-domain route.
The extra step of setting up side server wildcards isn't worth it.
After giving your network of auto blogs a name, entering an admin email address, and hitting the "Install" button to get the instructions for enabling your network.

Complete the steps to enable your network and then log out of Wordpress.
When you log back in you'll see a "Super Admin" menu you can use to add and manage additional sites in your network.
To add a new auto blog to your network, click on the "Sites" link and fill out the forms to create the new site.
After you create the site you can click on the "Users" link to see a new user was created.
From this point forward, all of your sites can be managed from the Super Admin menu... allowing for global changes to your network of auto blogs without having to log into each one individually.
Now if you want to access one of your auto blogs through its own admin menu, you can do it.

Just enter[auto]/wp-admin where is the main URL you first installed Wordpress on back in Step #1 and [auto] is the domain name of the particular auto blog you want to view.
Step #4 - Setup domain mapping
If you were to leave things as they are right now, website visitors would have to point their browsers to to visit your site.
Since your auto blog is going to have its own domain and you want the SEO benefit of having the right keywords in it, you need to map each multisite you setup to its own domain.

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Chris-Jarvis said Sep 11, 2010 23:28:30
I am actually getting ready to try this with my next build. Wordpress 3.0 added this as a feature. Ill post here on how it goes.

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the vacationer said Sep 12, 2010 17:51:04
Bill said not to upgrade to wordpress 3.0. Is it nessasary to upgrade to 3.0 do this?
Chris-Jarvis said Sep 12, 2010 18:18:02
This is a new feature in wordpress 3.0. I believe the latest download template is using version 3. I am running it without any issues.

I've actually been able to build content sites using the multisite feature, but I had to make modifications to importbuddy.php and right now I am troubleshooting why I am getting some extra tables in my database.

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Nelson Lirette said Sep 12, 2010 18:22:08
Bill said not to upgrade to wordpress 3.0. Is it nessasary to upgrade to 3.0 do this?
Chris-Jarvis said Sep 12, 2010 18:23:22
Yes, you would have to be running wordpress 3.0 for this to work.
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the vacationer said Sep 15, 2010 18:11:05
would like some more imput from bill macreas team if a neewbee should try this as they say not to do it as it will mess up the plugins. wondering if they have changed their mind or if anybody else has done this without causing problems like bill suggest.

[Last edited Sep 16, 2010 07:45:29]
Chris-Jarvis said Sep 15, 2010 19:50:13
If you are just learning wordpress or if this is one of the first sites you have built stay with the plan Bill has. I wouldnt recommend this unless you are comfortable editing files and making modifications to wordpress config files. I will write this up once I get a chance detailing how to make it work.

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