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Tom Parker Services

posted Sep 15, 2010 05:26:28 by Lawrence Holisky
I thought I would give Tom a plug here. I talked with him tonight and I would HIGHLY recommended him to anyone that is having any problems, questions and etc.
I actually get it now. I thought I knew what I was doing but was unsure about some things, boy was I wrong. Tom got me straighten out.
$49 per hour was definitely worth it. I know I seem like I'm his wife posting this, but I am truly grateful for the help and conversation that I had with him tonight. He's a good person to pick his brain about this stuff.
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Fluke said Sep 16, 2010 00:31:42
You paid the $49 per hour didn't you? Then if you were his wife you'd have been mad at being charged triple what everyone else has to pay!!

I would have hit that $67 Buy Button sooner but it's not a Perry Belcher Buy Button and it's just not the right color. It's the Buy Button everyone needs, not traffic. The Color and Shape of the Buy Button is what really makes people flock to those $5 sites and go Bonkers for $5.00 - It's the Perry Belcher Buy Button!
Are you a Linchpin?__seth godin
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