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WP Syndicatior Question-Please Answer!

posted Sep 15, 2010 20:57:03 by Kristie
This may be a dumb question...but with the WP Syndicator Plugin, are we to use the same user names and passwords...meaning the same account at the different web 2.0 properties on all of our 100 subdomains. I know Bill says to set it up to post just 1 time a day, but does this mean that if we have WP Robot or the WP Free Content system posting once a day on all 100 subdomains...that the WP Syndicator Plugin will be posting 100 posts a day?


Are we supposed to have 100 different profiles...:(

Thanks in advance for whoever responds!

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Benson said Sep 15, 2010 21:20:52
I took it as having just one profile for the entire subject and sub domains. Wow, having 100 profiles will keep me very busy. I had a hard time staying awake with the 1 profile and 35 accounts. I sure would like an asnwer also.
Kristie VanGundy said Sep 15, 2010 21:38:44
Thanks for your answer! My thoughts were if you used just one profile...your accounts might get banned! Maybe someone will answer this question on tonight's webinar.

You would think for automation's sake that it would be one profile...that's why you have the one "master" site...but I'm just wondering about the amount of posting you can do with one!

Benson said Sep 15, 2010 22:32:01
My friend just got hold of Alex Goad's Rank Builder Software. It's about $67 per month. He said it create the social accounts and email and sets it all up and gets backlinks also. He's still working on it to see if its worth it.

Sandman said Sep 15, 2010 22:32:30
I've been using WP Syndicator for about a month and I've set up a new user for each of my blogs. I've done three so far and it's a major pain in the ####!

I hope Bill has a better solution.
If not, maybe we should get someone to do it and split the costs!
We could have them do Onlywire too!

Benson said Sep 15, 2010 22:33:38
Is anyone having any issues with the WP Syndicator for Wordpress and Blogger? Or is it just me. When I test it, I get an (red!) instead of a check mark.
No one seems to be complaining about this or its just overlooked.

Sandman said Sep 15, 2010 22:41:54
Make sure you get all the emails and hit the validation links and
then check it out and save each one after it's a green check mark.
Benson said Sep 15, 2010 23:01:09
Yes, I've done that and the only two issues I have are the above.
I guess I won't worry about it that much since we are using

Benson said Sep 15, 2010 23:06:28
Anyone having issues to with Ping FM for Blogger. It won't connect.
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