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Use Wordpress 3.0 multisite to build content sites

posted Sep 17, 2010 15:23:07 by Chris-Jarvis
There have been a couple of posts on this topic. I have it working and posted an entire write up with screenshots here.

With this I am able to build subdomains in less than 5 minutes. No joke, this is seriously fast. It does require advanced technical skill and I have only tested it on my Hostgator reseller account.

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hopelin said Sep 20, 2010 06:32:26
Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing the info. I also have Hostgator reseller account. However, I'm not sure I can follow up with your instruction well enough to clone sites successfully. It's been quite a learning curve for me.

By the way, I have a question on your squeeze page. How did you get that squeeze page? Do you have to buy Affiliate Silver Bullet in order to get that squeeze page?

Chris-Jarvis said Sep 20, 2010 11:09:40
I would suggest building a few of these the way Bill teaches before trying this method. That way you have time to get comfortable with the system and used to how everything is set up.

That is an Affiliate Silver Bullet squeeze page. I feel it was worth the price to buy. They not only give you the squeeze page but the entire aweber autoresponder series as well. Personally, I am pretty good with the technical stuff, but I am terrible as writing and creating good looking squeeze pages. The only drawback is they are limited to the affiliate marketing niche.

Make sure you check out the forum I created at
There are some pretty good tips over there that may help you.

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Benson said Sep 20, 2010 18:28:17
Are you building your content clusters using OnlyWire or PING.FM? How are you able to build the clusters when PING.FM API Key has been suspended wouldn't that screw up your master site making it more work later.?

What Bill said on the Webinar is incorrect? I've checked with a number of people using PING and the API Key is suspended also. The posts have not been posting at all through PING.

Chris-Jarvis said Sep 20, 2010 19:49:28
I set up with an rss feed of my root site and my content sites are using shorten2ping which is working. Try to deactivate and then reactivate the shorten2ping plugin. I did that several times while testing and maybe that fixed it?
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