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Question: NFLS Zipped File

posted Sep 26, 2010 16:09:45 by Benson
Something's acting up when I do a move in filemanager on my hosting account. The NFLS file has disappeared several times. I just noticed that the file is also found in the following directory. Is the NFLS file located here in backup? This is the third time I have lost the file in a move and its irritating me.

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Chris-Jarvis said Sep 26, 2010 21:56:09
I use hostgator and file manager allows you to do drag and drop and it always seems to give me grief. I now highlight the file I am going to move and use the move button at the top. If I use drag and drop the files end up all over the place.
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Benson said Sep 29, 2010 23:46:16
I made a directory and all I do it copy the files to the directory. After the completion, I just delete the files. I have started to create multiple subdomains and copy the file to all of them first and then being working on them.
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