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posted Sep 26, 2010 02:11:08 by Benson
Has anyone been taking a look at their traffic to see how much they are getting per day on the master site and subdoamins?
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Chris-Jarvis said Sep 26, 2010 21:50:34
I check mine every day or so. On some of my subdomains, the traffic dropped to zero. After looking, I found they were no longer pulling content. They were good at first but the content slowed down to nothing. So, I added some new keywords in WP Robot and the traffic picked up again.
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Jenny Kuo said Sep 27, 2010 01:12:51
Yeah, my traffic levels doesn't seem as consistent either... and I'm looks like I'm having issues with WP Robot pulling the same posts twice on my master and clone sites, and ALSO the post log on my clone sites are EMPTY eventhough posts are being made... anyone having the same issues with WP Robot?

WP Robot only pulls articles from article base and I feel that it's not enough eventhough I'm going after one of the biggest markets.

Chris-Jarvis said Sep 27, 2010 01:19:54
I also get some duplicate posts on my master and root sites. I'm not real worried about that. It looks like my logs are ok. I also use yahoo answers and youtube to pull posts. So for each clone site, I create 3 campaigns. One for articles, one for yahoo answers and one for youtube. I might try a press release campaign as well to see if it pulls some more content.
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Jenny Kuo said Sep 27, 2010 01:38:06
I'm worried about my logs though... showing up empty. I have already cloned about 100 sites this weekend (I was very productive) and it'll be a pain to go and change add more campaigns to them individually... ARGH!

How many keywords are you using for each site? I only have 3-5 and thinking it's not enough...
Chris-Jarvis said Sep 27, 2010 01:45:42
I'm not sure why the logs would be empty. That doesn't sound right. I have about 3-5 keywords as well. I've built 2 complete sites (master and clones) and the first one I built is the one I am having trouble keeping posting. I just went in tonight and added a couple more keywords to each one. The second master clone I built is doing fine so far. I have a third master site set up, but haven't started to clone it yet. I'm thinking keyword selection for the content sites are more important than I at first thought. I know from my sites that if the content stops posting the traffic stops with it.
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Jenny Kuo said Sep 27, 2010 03:20:33
Yeah, I have no idea why the posting logs would be empty eventhough posts are made (altthough inconsistenly). I have made a post on the WP Robot support forum and hopefully someone can help me there.

I agree that the keyword research/selection for the clones are important and yet Bill hasn't taught us how to do this properly as it is clear that traffic stops if content stops. And keywords are the key to getting content posted.
Benson said Sep 28, 2010 18:32:59
I am not having any issues with content on any of my sites. I was having issues with duplicate content on my master site, but I fixed it with the the update of WP Robot to version 13.

I have been adding a ton of broad keywords to make sure there is content and posting every 24 hours and not the 12 hours.
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