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BackUp Buddy Issues

posted Sep 28, 2010 18:55:55 by Benson
Does anyone have issues with backup buddy during the Step 5 process:
Step 5 of 6

Creating database ... Done.
Restoring database ...
Found 34 existing tables with same database prefix found and merged. This may cause warnings.
Migrating SQL content ...

Every once in a while, the system stops in between and doesn't go to the completion.

Is there another way around this?
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Chris-Jarvis said Sep 28, 2010 19:11:24
Happens to me all the time. Did you start to notice this after you built 30 or so content sites?
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Benson said Sep 28, 2010 19:50:46
Happens after 20 sites.
Benson said Sep 28, 2010 20:37:04
What size of your hosting reseller account did you get? Aluminum, Copper, etc.

I am not able to get past cloning sites 27 and up.

Chris-Jarvis said Sep 29, 2010 13:48:25
I'm not sure which reseller account I have. I have had it for about a year. I have the same problem after about 30 subdomains are built. I have been stopping at 50 subdomains because it is annoying.

I think what is happening is the import job is timing out. If you think about it, you have all those subdomains and the root domain running jobs. Each site is running wprobot, social bookmarking, wp syndicator plus you have visitors pulling pages. So the server gets busy and the import take too long and times out.

This is what I have noticed. Sometimes the subdomain is actually imported. If you check, it actually finished and you can log on and continue. Other times if you just refresh the page the import will start again and finish. I have had to hit refresh up to 10-15 times to get it to work.

I'm not sure what the solution is.
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DeeAnn said Sep 29, 2010 20:03:51
I am having this problem also. It is after about 30 sites. How are we supposed to do 100 sites if we can not get past 30 sites.
Dee Ann Rice
Benson said Sep 29, 2010 23:32:34
I noticed I have the issue a lot when using Chrome. I wasn't able to get past doing 27 sites, but with Mozilla I have been able to get up to 31 sites, but had trouble with one.

I have noticed that Chrome timeout early and doesn't have a completion bar like Mozilla. In situations where Chrome stopped and didn't move further, Mozilla had the same situation, but with the status bar on the bottom of the screen, I waited till it was completed.

DeeAnnRice said Sep 30, 2010 03:51:05
Try this it worked for me -- try downloading a new copy of importbuddy.php. if that doesn't work, create a new database & database user and continue cloning.
Chris-Jarvis said Sep 30, 2010 15:50:32
Thanks for that info. So it is the database that is causing the lag. I'll give that a try next time.
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Benson said Oct 05, 2010 20:55:49
Question: Where do I download a new copy of importbuddy.php.

Can you give me directions how do I go ahead and create a new database after my site is cloned? I understand it from the standpoint of the mastersite. Thanks.
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