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WordPress ShortCut to Editing

posted Sep 29, 2010 23:57:40 by Benson
I haven't used the Multi Function on Wordpress, and I look forward to using it on my next master site.
I have trimmed down my deletion of post time. i currently have 114 posts that needs to be deleted on the subdomains, so I have been opening multiple window tabs in the top to delete the posts at once and then complete the editing of the ALl in Once SEO and WP Robot while the others are being deleted.

The pain of the cloing is not the editing of the wordpress, but the importing of the two files.
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Chris-Jarvis said Sep 30, 2010 02:09:50
I found a shortcut if you want to delete a lot of posts or tags. Go to the posts page and click on screen options in the upper right hand corner. Under "show on screen" the default is to show 20 posts. You can change that to a much higher number like 200. Then you can select all the posts at once and bulk delete them. You may have to play around with the number you set as it will error out if you try to go with a very high number.
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Jenny Kuo said Sep 30, 2010 03:15:40
What a good find Chris, I will definitely be using that trick to save time on delete posts when cloning my next master site.

What I have done is do a full backup of the first clone site that I made 'clean' (deleting posts and tags etc), then use the zip and importbuddy.php files to clone other ones. That way, I'm not deleting hundreds of posts etc everytime I clone.
Benson said Oct 03, 2010 15:36:37
Thanks for the answers. I will use it on the next one.
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