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How is everyone going with the NFLB System?

posted Oct 04, 2010 04:07:33 by Darren Brady
Hey everyone
I am curious to find out how everyone is going with the NFLB system and the results they have achieved thus far?

I think that if everyone gets together and shares their results and experiences it will give us all some extra motivation/inspiration.

I will go first. I have set up 2 master domain sites now - one in golf and the other with affiliate marketing and I am happy to report that I have my first subscriber. I am seeing on average 25-40 unique visitors a day for each site and this is just the master domain. Now that I have both sites set up correctly I will be cloning this week.

I look forward to hearing your story.
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Vladimir Nikolaev said Oct 04, 2010 18:16:07
Hi Darren!
It's fantastic! Good start!
I am far from the stage.
Could I look your site, pls?
The best regards,
Eric_Schwager said Oct 04, 2010 18:17:12
I'm having a hard time just getting started with publishing my first site. I have several small questions related to setup and to plugins which I just can't seem to get resolved. I've opened support cases, no answer so far, and it has been a pretty long time.

Could you possibly share some details of your set up? For example, how many subdomains do you have? Are you sending everything through Shorten2Ping/ without any problems?

I am specifically curious to understand how other people are setting up their syndication. What sites you are syndicating to? what kind of volume you are sending to syndication (taking into account all your subdomains)? any problems with the different syndication sites? For example, I've read that people using WP Syndicator are having a pretty hard time posting autoblogs to blogger - shut down quickly. Have you experienced anything like that. TypePad is paid - do you have an account there? LiveJournal seems to be designed to be for people's personal blogs. Did you manage to set up a keyword-rich subdomain on that?

Are you using the Akismet free license?

etc ...

Anyway, congratulations on your two master sites, best of luck getting with leads and sales.

It would be nice if we had a section of the forum where people share their sites if they are comfortable with that so others can review.

Darren Brady said Oct 05, 2010 15:17:09
Hi Vladimir & Eric
Great to hear from you. If you want to look at my sites the url's are below:

Eric, in regards to your questions, at this stage I have only just set up the master domains and i'm about to embark on setting up my subdomain cluster sites.

In regards to WP Syndication - I just simply went into WPSyndicator - Config inside of Wordpress admin section created a account, inputed all details then signed up and set up each of the accounts listed inside the WPSyndicator - Account Configuration.

Yes I have set up a account also. At this stage I haven't noticed any problems. My facebook account is getting inundated with posts and my twitter account is also with plenty of people coming on board as followers. I signed up to most of the accounts that were listed inside, some I have not because they either were a paid version, no longer available or were not suitable.

Both Blogger & Tagged have shut down my accounts but I think its no big deal as there is plenty more out there.

In regards to Typepad, I guess I am on the free trial - didn't notice that when setting it all up. Won't pay for it though.

Akismet free license? - Didn't even know about this until you mentioned it in your post. I went in and had a look and it was already set up so I am guessing it is a free license.

Hope that helps
Benson said Oct 05, 2010 20:45:19
Hey Eric,

Thanks for providing your site. I like your optin page. You can go in and edit the hoppress sidebar and make it longer if you like so there are more clickbank product added.

Instead of Download Report or Submit button, you may want to add Instant Download, etc.

Vladimir Nikolaev said Oct 05, 2010 22:28:20
Hi Darren!
I've just looked up your sites. I like them. It is all working well Thanks for the Free Reports. Success,
Eric_Schwager said Oct 06, 2010 18:50:51
Thanks for the info Darren.

yeah, I want to know what happens when somebody starts sending some real volume to these sites.

When there was an overlap between services and WP Syndicator, which one did you use? Does put out a substantial chunk of the post?
[Last edited Oct 06, 2010 18:52:41]
Chris-Jarvis said Oct 08, 2010 14:27:45
I have two NFLB sites completely built and running. I have a third root site built with one subdomain under it. (Work has been real busy lately so I haven't had time to build more subdomains.

My first site built the traditional NFLB way is and it has about 50 subdomains.

The second site is and it also has about 50 subdomains. I built this one using the Wordpress 3.0 multisite option.

The third on is and it only has one subdomain right now.

So far my results are:
4 optins for
8 optins for
4 optins for

If you visit my sites I have added an additional popup about joining newsletters. This is from Basically, it is a co-op between sites to get more optins. So my sites are listed on other sites and other sites are listed on mine. Best to visit to get to full details.

I see a lot of discussion about wp-robot. Here is a site that is using wp-robot to sell pool supplies from Commission Junction and Amazon. I had this domain name so I thought I would try it.

Visit the offsite user created non official support forum for NFLB at
Benson said Oct 09, 2010 07:32:33
I created 1 niche master site with 30 subdomains. I just checked and noticed that 29 of the 30 sites have been generating about 10 to 15 unique visitors per day. Does that sound reasonable to you?

1 site generated no unique visitors and I can't figure out why?

My site is

I still have to complete my bait.

Any suggestions on who I can interview?

No optin yet.
Farid Pushiri said Oct 16, 2010 19:20:41
I have one master domain with 80 sites cloned ( by hand ) by the end of last month.

Right now, I haven't get any subscribers yet. Hopefully, as the sites mature and have more content, the traffic will get larger.

DeeAnn said Oct 17, 2010 23:42:29
I have one master site up and about 70 cloned sites. I have had about 20 people sign up and 10 confirmed with 1 that unconfirmed.

I am going to do 100 cloned sites on this one then do another site. I have gotten a lot of people that want to be friends on facebook and also lots of followers on twitter.

I have not gotten any of my social site banned yet.
Dee Ann Rice
Benson said Oct 20, 2010 15:11:12
My Ping.FM API Key is no longer working. What is the alternative?
Farid Pushiri said Oct 21, 2010 14:26:20
Hi Dee Ann,

How long did you have to wait before getting your first sign up?

Also, what is the average sign up you have pr day?
DeeAnnRice said Oct 22, 2010 13:25:42
Well before my got shut down I was getting a sign up at about 1 or 2 a day when it got going but now I am getting none. Looking for something else to use besides
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