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Keywords Used For Master & Subdomain sites?

posted Oct 06, 2010 03:29:02 by Darren Brady
Hey Guys
I was under the impression that we use just one keyword per site, however in the recent WP Robot video that Bill has done he has added 5 keywords for the demo site he set up?

What are the reasons / benefits for having multiple keywords instead of one?

If you were to use multiple keywords should they be all closely related eg. internet marketing / internet marketing strategy / internet marketing news or should they be a little different as shown in Bill's video eg. Affiliate marketing / Clickbank / Commission Junction etc...

I look forward to your input
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Eric_Schwager said Oct 06, 2010 18:47:59
that was my question, too. in the instructional videos I think there was one major keyword per campaign for MultiPress, which was analogous to the subdomain.

However, for WPRobot he is putting the articles into different categories. So, that is yet another layer of keywords.

So, does that rearrange our whole keyword stratification, or are we more doing filler like "keywords news" "keyword strategy" etc.

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